Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally - A Plan To Help Kids with ADD

Sometimes the planets align and what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle unfolds into a place of insight and growth.

I have been blogging about my frustrations with our education system. There will never be a perfect system but what I found in working with my school district was a path that just may help us retrieve this year and the coming years for my son. I urge you, if you are struggling in the same way, to look into the programs available. It's not easy - you have to find the gatekeepers - it may be the school psychologist - or the superintendent of curriculum development. It may be the lead teacher of the special education program. What ever it is, take the the time to find the channels - they are there and that is where you will find assistance.

I was asked to join a meeting that I thought would be like every other. I was going to be told what was going wrong. The problems were going to be all my son's and once again we would dance that familiar dance around any kind of solution. This was not the case.

I was no longer sitting across from an administration, a district, or a school. I was amongst professionals determined to make this situation better. And they had a plan of action. They gracefully dealt with the terms, conditions and bureaucracy that comes with justifying a child's needs. Their response was so swift that his schedule was adjusted that same day and it happenned because I had the right people in the room. Finally.

I admit it wasn't easy and I know we will have our challenges, but I have hope. I see improvements and I feel atleast now - we have a plan.

What was the insight? I had to find the right people. I had to let go and listen.` I had to accept the need and get over the titles placed around these programs. I don't free fall very well - I'm a holder on-er. It's scary. But releasing myself from the of old ideas, my biases and the stigma around looking for help allowed me move in the right direction. The school had to do the same. These kids are not the enemy and they are not an unfortunate statistic. They're just normal kids dancing to the beat of a different drum, trying to get by. They've had all of maybe 15 years on this planet. I'm 47 and still trying to figure it out.

I'm not finished fighting the good fight - there are too many misfit toys painfully trudging through an inadequate system. Too many brilliant minds and extraordinary individuals being told daily that they do not belong because they can not conform.

Until next time